Solana Metaverses

So, what is a Metaverse?

Well, since this is a very young concept, it’s hard to define it. Some experts say that Metaverse is any virtual space where you can perform any actions and interact with other virtual avatars. Others are saying that the general characteristic of all Metaverses is the users’ ability to personally associate themselves with their avatars. However, according to the most popular definitions, a Metaverse is somewhat of a “virtual-reality space in which users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users.”

There have been stellar profits in the Metaverse space already

Well, so far the most expensive Metaverse land plot ever is the “Fashion Street Estate”, Decentraland. It was sold for $2,420,000. This trend shows that people are ready to invest millions of dollars into the Metaverses — and their bullishness is understandable, with Metaverses already making millions of dollars. Just one of many examples: MOBLAND project’s TVL has exceeded $100 million.

Along came the corporations

Big companies like Nvidia, Goldman Sachs, Gucci, Roblox and others have already bought their hyper-expensive land plots, and are now planning their future business in the Metaverses. And, well, this topic gets very controversial very fast.

So what about our favorite blockchain, Solana?

If you’ve read our previous articles, then you already know the key advantages of using Solana instead of Ethereum: TPS, environmental impact, cheap transaction fees, and the other 99 reasons. At the moment, there is already a lot of developing metaverse projects built on the Solana blockchain. The most outstanding ones are probably:

The future of Metaverses

The development of VR and AR technologies, lifelike graphics, and market expansion will definitely boost the popularity of metaverses. Many of us have been living online more than offline, enjoying the luxury of talking to distant friends and business partners every day like they lived or worked next door, and the virtual reality of metaverses looks like a logical next step, bringing the experience to a whole new level — not to mention the endless gaming opportunities, because let’s face it: who doesn’t want to become their favorite fantasy hero just for one day and explore endless fictional worlds?



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