A short preamble before talking about Heart & SOL.

So, P2E stands for ‘Play to Earn’, and there is a variety of P2E projects out there, mostly letting you earn crypto in some way. These range from simple time-killers to really sophisticated games, with a lot of variations between. To learn a little more about the P2E scene — and also how to tell a legit project from a pyramid — check out our recent Medium article.

And now, down to business.

So, what is Heart & SOL and how does it work?

Heart & SOL is a P2E game where you breed your own dragons, level them up and send them out on treasure hunts to get rewards. Here’s an example of what your future dragon could look like, isn’t he a cutie?

You could spend hours admiring the different dragons — I know I could — but it would probably be even more interesting to find out how these dragons can make you rich. To answer this, let’s dive into the game’s mechanics.

Breeding your dragon

To breed your own dragon, you first need to get an egg. If you were lucky, you got one during the Free Mint phase; otherwise, you can either buy one in an NFT marketplace, or get it by locking some $JPLU tokens (to be announced).

Eggs will be sold in the in-game shop as well, but you are going to need gold to purchase one, and you can only get gold if you already own a dragon. Life’s cruel that way.

For the dragon to hatch from your egg, you need to sprinkle it with some Magic dust. Magic dust can be bought with the JPool utility token, $JPLU. If you’ve been staking to JPool before, you will get some airdropped to you.

Sending your dragon on a quest

Now that you’ve helped your dragon hatch, he is ready to return the favor. When your dragon flies off on his quests and treasure hunts, he gains experience and becomes cooler. Also, he will bring you gold that he stole from mountain trolls or forest druids. Or princesses. Or space pirates. Or cyberspace pirate princesses. Don’t ask.

Sometimes (depending on his luck) your dragon will also steal treasure chests with magic dust, potions, or even NFTs and crypto inside. Your reward from each task depends on your dragon’s characteristics: its greed, speed and luck. With every mission your dragon becomes wiser, and gains experience points. This exp can later be converted into improved stats. The higher a dragon’s stats, the more bounty it brings.

Quests vary by their duration. You can choose to send your dragon on a 24-hour quest and forget about it but you can also choose shorter quests, e.g. 3-hour or even 30-minute missions, and get a little more rewards over the same 24 hour time — but with a little more work on your part. At some point during the quest, your dragon will get tired, and its princess-eating and druid-robbing performance will drop. Jump in, give it a pat on the back or rub on the tummy, and it will go on with renewed vigor! So the general concept is simple: be active, earn more rewards.

Upgrading your dragon

A tier 1 egg will get you a tier 1 dragon. While completing quests will make your dragon stronger (or, to be precise, faster and greedier), a real boost would be to get a dragon of a higher tier. In order to do that, you need to collect 5 dragons of the same tier, one of each kind. They can be combined into a random, higher-tier egg, from which you’ll be able to hatch a new, stronger dragon. In simpler terms: 5 tier 1 dragons -> tier 2 egg -> tier 2 dragon. And yes, you will need more magic dust for the tier 2 dragon to hatch, but it will bring more treasure, too.

It’s important to know that your new dragon will keep the experience of the strongest three dragons that went into its creation: Their stats will go into the new egg, and then they will be transferred to the newborn dragon. So only the strongest ones will be able to pass on their “genes”.

The ladder system

It would not be fair for your newborn dragon to compete with Smaug. That’s why we designed a ladder made up of different leagues. It’s the classic setup: wooden, bronze, silver, and so on. Every week, top players from every league will receive a treasure chest, the contents of which will be determined by the league you are in and your position within that league.

Top players of each league will advance to a higher league to compete with their equals in the next season.

The dragon’s value

If you are an active player, and your dragons are leveling up nicely, the game is going to be not only fun but also quite profitable. It is called ‘Play-to-Earn’ for a reason.

However, since the JFactory team behind this project also runs JPool, Solana’s highest APY stake pool with over 1,000,000 SOL TVL, we have added an additional mechanism to ensure a powerful, high-tier Dragon has nice value on the secondary market.

Powerful dragons can be locked in a validator node within JPool to secure a portion of the pool’s total stake for this validator. Dragons locked in different validators will compete for a 10% portion of JPool’s total stake. It means that, as of now, over 100K SOL will be available as the “Dragon-controlled stake”, and this number will only get higher as JPool’ TVL grows. The stronger the validator’s dragon is, the more additional stake it can get. We expect a high demand for such trained dragons among validator operators.

Also, if you hold JPool DAO tokens and wish to participate in the project’s decision-making process, you would need a Dragon NFT to give your tokens voting power. And, of course, the stronger your dragon is, the more your vote weighs.

It’s important to notice that while your dragon is locked in a validator, or to participate in the JPool DAO, it can’t perform any quests. Such a dragon does not get experience or earn rewards for its master.

This is why we expect a high demand for powerful dragons. Validator operators or people who want to influence JPool’s strategy will be more than happy to buy your dragon for a good price.

And if you are a hopeless romantic and this article was too technical for you, please do check out the complete dragon lore!



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