1st Heart & SOL AMA: Summary

The Eggs

If you minted one, you are lucky, because the free mint is officially over as of last night. The community has minted around 10,000 eggs in total.

The Dragons

To hatch a Dragon from an Egg, you use Magic Dust which will drop in Treasure chests. It will also be available from the game shop where you can buy it for $JPLU.

The Competition

There will be a P2P Ladder, and there will be Seasons (lasting 1 week, to be confirmed).

Chests and rewards

All chests will hold Gold.
Additional treasure in the chest may include:
- Magic Dust to activate more eggs and get more dragons
- Potions to boost your dragon temporarily or even increase its stats permanently
- Crypto! There is a small chance of getting some JPLU, JSOL or SOL in your chest
- NFTs! There is an even smaller chance of winning a nice valuable NFT from another project

Upgrading and trading Dragons

In every treasure hunt, your dragon gains some experience that converts into improved stats. There is a limit of stat upgrades in every tier; some additional stats can be gained from potions.

Backing the value

The Dragons will be integrated with JPool — highest-APY Solana liquid staking project. 10% of total stake within JPool (which is now over 1 million SOL) will be distributed between validators that have a H&S Dragon working for them (locked in the validator).

But I want some Magic Dust to get my Dragon sooner!

There will be a series of auctions for Ancient Magic Dust, used to create an Ancient Dragon with improved stats. These auctions will take place in early July. Such dragons will be unique, have increased stats, and the higher-tier dragons created using one or more Ancient dragons will be Ancient as well.



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JPool is a stake pool on the Solana blockchain network enabling safe, secure, high-yield rewards on your staked SOL.